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Linton WI January 2017

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The new president, Mrs Jean Perry, welcomed members to the first meeting of 2017.

The speaker was Emily Harrison, Community Safety Officer from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service. Emily gave a comprehensive talk about the aims of the service which were to keep Derbyshire residents safe. She gave numerous examples of both good and bad practice but reassured members that no one with a working smoke alarm in Derbyshire had lost their life in a fire. Emily showed examples of the latest carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, including one for hearing impaired people.

As well as fire prevention, Emily referred to the Handy Van Scheme, offering simple DIY help for older people. She concluded by stressing that all people over 65, plus people with a mental or physical disability, and single parents with a child under 5 were eligible for a ‘Safe and Well Check’. This free service offers advice on fire safety, health and wellbeing, falls prevention and access to other services. Anyone who would like to take advantage of this service should contact www.derbys-fire.gov.uk or ring 01332 291134. Some members realised that they were guilty of complacency regarding fire safety and resolved to follow the excellent guidance given.


Next month offers meetings of the Chat n Craft and the Walking group plus the next ordinary meeting on February 28 at 7pm at Linton School. The speaker is Claire Mayles who will be Creating Cupcakes. Visitors are always welcome.


















Linton WI December 2016

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The final meeting of the year for Linton WI saw members gather for a festive get-together.

After thirty years in the role, Mrs Pauline Whetton relinquished her position as President. Following a brief, reflective speech by Pauline, a presentation was made by the longest-serving and newest members of the group (Mrs Ida Spare and Mrs Jacquie Wilson  as a mark of our appreciation for the amazing job that she has done.

We were then royally entertained by the Breakaway Singers, with renditions of many well known songs. After an interlude for a light supper, and presentation of a plaque to Mrs Mary Marshall, the 2016 Competition Champion, the singers returned to round off the evening with a second-half of Christmas carols which had us all singing along.

All that remained was for those present to collect their gifts from Secret Santa before departing for home.

Our next meeting will be held in Linton Primary School on Tuesday 24th January at 7.00 p.m., at which all visitors/potential new members would be most welcome.

Linton WI November 2016

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There was, as ever, an excellent turn out for November’s meeting of Linton WI. Members heard about plans for a pageant to celebrate the 2018 centenary of the Derbyshire Federation of Women’s Institutes, and for the creation of a commemorative wall-hanging; similar to that being created to mark the 70th Birthday of Linton WI this year.


We were updated with the on-going activities of the Chat and Craft group, as well as the Walking Group and Ladies Who Lunch, and heard about a most entertaining evening at the Burton Brewhouse where some of us met to watch a production of Spamelot the Musical, based on the Monty Python series.


Those present were treated to an excellent cookery demonstration by Mrs Clarissa Laker who showed us how to make a spinach, cream cheese and smoked salmon roulade and an apple and blackberry mousse cake. Clarissa shared many useful culinary hints and tips whilst effortlessly juggling ingredients and making sure everything was perfectly timed to finish in the oven together. Clarissa then served a taste of each dish - both of which were delicious.


Tea and social time followed, during which a competition to bring the oldest cookery book was judged – with the winner being Mrs Angela Harrison’s copy of “County Council Cookery” published in 1892 – priced at fourpence! . A Bring and Buy Sale was also held.


The next meeting is the WI Christmas Meeting, with the next conventional meeting being on 24th January 2017 at 7.00 p.m. in the School Hall of Linton Village Primary School – to which visitors would be most welcome.


Linton WI October 2016

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There was an excellent turn-out for October’s meeting, where members heard about the activities of the Walking Group and the Chat and Craft Group. Plans were made for forthcoming events such as a trip to the Brewhouse to see Spamelot the Musicaland the next monthly lunch outing.

Members were truly entertained by actress Audrey Hall, who led us through the tale of how she took the play‘Shirley Valentine’to Greece. Having seen this one-woman show originally in Wolverhampton, Audrey was overwhelmed, particularly by the memorable highlight of egg and chips being cooked live on stage whilst the actress was remembering and delivering her lines. Audrey was inspired to put the show on herself.

Audrey overcame numerous challenges, from finding a venue to obtaining sponsorship, not to mention learning and memorising the daunting script. With the massive support of her husband Brian who acted as producer and set-builder,Audrey performed the show at Lichfield Civic Hall (now the Garrick Theatre) to full houses, with the proceeds going to a local charity close to Audrey’s heart.

Over subsequent years, inspired by holidays to the Greek island of Skiathos, Audrey realised how fitting it would be if she could bring her production of Shirley Valentine to Greece. Ever determined, Audrey and Brian again overcame logistical hurdles with the help of friends both in Skiathos and back home. Further sponsorship and creative advertising saw a successful outdoor run of the play, this time generating funds for two charities, including a dogs’ home, on the island. The owners of the dogs’ home were so grateful, that they insisted on calling the next bitch that they rescued Shirley, in tribute to the character in the play and Audrey’s stalwart efforts. By a quirk of fate, Shirley, the dog in question, in fact ended up living happily with Audrey and Brian.

The competition for an unusual holiday souvenir was won by Mrs J Perry with a cotton boll from Mud Island Memphis.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd November at 7.00 p.m. in Linton Village Primary School Hall, with the competition being for the oldest recipe book. As ever, visitors and potential new members are most welcome.

Linton WI July 2016

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July’s meeting was dedicated to a celebration of Linton WI’s 70th Birthday. Members and guests gathered at Marsh Farm, Abbott’s Bromley, for an extremely enjoyable high tea. We were joined by special guests from Derbyshire Federation of WIs, Chrissie Booth, Federation Chairman and Christine Gardener, Public Relation Officer. Mrs Pauline Whetton, Linton WI President, gave a brief address outlining some of the history and activities of the WI over the past seven decades, and a specially made birthday cake was formally cut and served to all those present. Members gathered in the gardens of the tea rooms for group photos, before wending their way home.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th September, at Linton School at 7.00 p.m. where members will be challenging themselves at Kurling. As ever, new members are always welcome.

Linton WI June 2016

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Ms N Statham chaired the meeting on behalf of Mrs P Whetton, who was unable to attend.

Members heard about a Derbyshire Federation Competition to design a commemorative WI centenary tea towel.

Some stalwart members of our monthly walking group refused to be beaten by the recent heavy rain, and successfully completed an enjoyable but soggy walk from Badgers Hollow to the Rosliston Forestry Centre, where they were greeted by fellow members who had chosen a more comfortable option! There had been an additional, impromptu, walk between times from Blackfordby to Moira Youth Hostel. The next walk is from Shobnall Fields to Sinai House.

There was then an informal opportunity for members to socialise and take part in “Fun with Flowers” – superbly organised by Jenny and Carol who provided an abundant range of flowers and greenery with which members created a display in a teacup for the competition.

There was no speaker, but members enthusiastically joined in a very entertaining and challenging quiz with the answers all relating to types of shoe. This proved a lot more difficult than might be imagined, given that there were 32 questions - hats off to the creator of this one! As ever, the competitive nature of those present was firmly in evidence.

Upcoming events include:

• The WI Birthday Tea at Marsh Farm (in place of our July evening meeting).

• A trip to Ulverscroft Grange near Charnwood

• A Saving Denman Appeal Coffee Morning

Our next standard meeting is on Tuesday 27th September, where we will be playing Kurling. New members are always welcome.

Linton WI May 2016

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The meeting began with a reminder of how to produce spectacular fuchsias. Local prizewinning gardener, Brian Storer referred to the different varieties he had grown including his favourite ‘Helen Storer’ which had been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society. He talked enthusiastically about the different varieties; he donated plants to the raffle and once again distributed potted plants for this year’s challenge. He is set to return in September to judge the fully grown plants.

The main business of the evening was to discuss the two resolutions, which are to be debated at the AGM in June. Members listened carefully to Mrs Linda Leadbetter as she referred to briefing notes and outlined the main issues. The first one called for appropriate care in hospital for people with dementia. Many personal experiences were shared and a lively discussion followed. There were more questions than answers and the final decision was left to the delegate who would be able to listen to the debate on the day.

The second resolution also produced plenty of comments. The resolution calls on supermarkets to sign up to a voluntary agreement to avoid food waste. This resolution was less controversial and members voted in favour.

In the social time, members puzzled over mystery objects which had been hidden in fabric bags. There was stiff competition but the joint winners were: Margaret Shepherd, Ida Spare, Mary Marshall, and Jane Carswell.

The president Mrs Pauline Whetton reviewed the recent highly successful 70th anniversary lunch and the skittles evening. Events for next month include a walk from Coton Park to Rosliston Forestry Centre, the meeting of the chat n craft group and lunch at the Sump in Burton on Trent.

The next meeting is ‘Fun with Flowers’ on June 28 in Linton School Hall at 7pm. Members are reminded to bring a cup and saucer for the arrangement. Visitors are always welcome.

Linton WI April 2016

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The president Mrs Pauline Whetton opened the meeting by welcoming members, visitors from Newborough, and many special guests to the Daffodil Lunch at the alternative venue of Linton Community Centre. She spoke about the recent 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, the President of Sandringham WI, and proposed a toast.


A splendid buffet lunch was followed by a slideshow and talk by ornithologist, David Tideswell from Stramshall. David gave hints and tips on attracting a variety of birds to the garden and feeding them, once again showing his remarkable knowledge and affinity with his feathered friends.


In particular, David shared some stunning photographs of a family of blue tits from nest building, egg-laying, hatching and fledging, with amazing pictures captured from cameras within their bird-box. He gave a real insight into how much hard work the parent birds put into raising a brood of blue-tit chicks, with an incessant demand for feeding their large family, and the need to keep the nest clean. His humorous running commentary was both informative and entertaining and he was warmly thanked, his photos having left us with many happy “awwhhhhh, looook!” moments.


Local gardening expert, Mr Brian Storer, also very kindly brought with him some examples of several types of daffodil for members to buy, and then generously donated the proceeds.


Events for May include a meeting of the Chat ‘n’ Craft group, the monthly walk, a skittles evening at the Bridge Inn and lunch at the Ferrers Arms near Lount. The next ordinary meeting is the Resolution Meeting on May 24th in Linton School.













Linton WI March 2016

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This month’s meeting was very well attended, and there was the usual buzz of camaraderie around Linton School Hall as members took the opportunity to catch up with each other.

Members were informed that the Resolutions passed by the Derbyshire Federation of WIs were To Avoid Food Waste and to Campaign for Appropriate Dementia Care in Hospitals.

One of our members, Mrs Karen Redfern, delivered an informative and entertaining account of her visit to the Derbyshire Federation of WI’s Council Meeting earlier in the month. The speakers were Mandy Hickson, who told of her inspirational military and civilian aviation career, and Judith Hibbert who entertained delegates with anecdotes, recitals and songs made famous by, among others, Julie Andrews and Gracie Fields.

Some members had recently been to Burton Brewhouse to see a production of The Bouncers – which had been an entertaining and revelatory experience!

Following the business section of the Linton Meeting, tonight’s speaker was Mrs Barbara Dakin, who kept us enthralled as she spoke of her difficult childhood and her faith, and quickly moved on to speak of youthful adventures based around her local quarry pool, known as Jock’s Hole. Encounters of the close kind included those with an alligator, escaped pigs in the woods, the excitement and novelty of an electric cooker, a massive delivery of bread cobs and swapping a bomb for a copy of Dick Barton’s special agent - not all of these were what they initially seemed but no more will be revealed to preserve the surprise elements of Barbara’s presentations – but not forgetting the Miracle of the Lost Necklace.

Barbara also recounted tales of impressive entrepreneurial skills involving egg whisks and saucepans, as well as memories of a purple-paper garden makeover worthy of an arts council grant, and riding on a float dressed in a pirate costume celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

Barbara finished with the advice – if you have a book in you, write it!

Tea and social time followed, with members signing up for forthcoming events such as skittles, croquet, walks, lunches and ideas for days out as well as participating in an Easter Themed bring and buy sale.

The next meeting will be on 26th April – and is a special pre-booked lunchtime meeting. The next routine evening meeting at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday May 24th at Linton Village Primary School to which all are welcome. Further information can be found on our Facebook Page or our Website

Linton WI February 2016

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The meeting began with some very sad news:

The President Mrs Pauline Whetton referred to the recent death of WI member Mrs Janice Harris. Janice was a lovely lady who took an active part in Linton WI. Members stood in silent tribute.

A visitor to the meeting was Linton prizewinning gardener and long time charity fundraiser Brian Storer. He spoke about Donna, the Burton mother of four young children who passed away. Sale of daffodils grown by Brian added to his contribution to the fund for Donna’s children.

The speaker was Julie Plummer from Kraftiz craft shop at Rosliston Forestry Centre. She talked about her range of hand made stationery and the workshops and classes she offers to children as well as adults. She proceeded to show members how to make a 3D card. With die cut card, precut ribbons and sparkly embellishments, members produced very professional results.

During the business part of the meeting the President thanked everyone for their generous response to the ‘Smalls for All’ charity in Africa. A magnificent total of 84 pairs of pants had been donated.

The competition for an unusual button had many entrants and the winner was Mary Marshall with a striking tri-coloured art deco style glass oval.

March promises to be a busy month with a walk starting in Ticknall, lunch in Oakthorpe, and the chat ‘n’ craft group at the Brick Room. There is also a visit to the Brewhouse, the Seales group meeting hosted by Stapenhill WI and the Annual Council Meeting at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield.

The next ordinary meeting is on March 22 in Linton School Hall at 7 pm and the speaker is Barbara Dakin with a talk entitled ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Visitors are always welcome.